Cor Van Raay Agility Award in Agriculture

Continuing full-time undergraduate students with involvement in agriculture or agribusiness or an interest in innovation and/or entrepreneurship related to agriculture or agribusiness. Minimum fall/spring GPA 3.0. Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Students must have demonstrated involvement in activities related to Agriculture (e.g. Junior Achievement, Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Community Futures, 4-H, self-initiated, family business, etc.) or submission of a proposal for a project or research in an entrepreneurial endeavor or innovative development in agriculture or agribusiness. Students must submit one page description of their involvement or a project/research proposal in innovation and/or entrepreneurship within agriculture or agribusiness. This award can only be received once. Payable immediately after the granting of the award.

Cor Van Raay
Undergraduate Awards
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you have an interest in and are involved in agriculture or agribusiness?
  2. Have you participated in entrepreneurial activities such as Junior Achievement, Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Community Futures, 4-H or self-initiated ventures?
  3. Do you have experience or interest in innovation and/or entrepreneurial activities that are related to agriculture or agribusiness?
  4. Please provide a one page description (max. 500 words) of your agricultural or agribusiness involvement. For example, extra-curricular experiences or a project/research proposal in relation to innovation/entrepreneurship.
  5. I hereby authorize Scholarships and Student Finance to distribute all information and documentation pertaining to this application to members of the selection committee.