Intermezzo Classical Voice Award

Bachelor of Music students with a studio concentration in voice. Preference to second or third-year students. Student must be intending to participate in an activity, experience, or opportunity to enhance vocal development.

Academic achievement and proposal will be assessed. Applicants are asked to submit a thorough proposal indicating future participation in activity, experience or opportunity that will enhance vocal development. Expression of financial need in connection to proposed experience is required.

Funds are meant to provide student enrichment through attending workshops, a national or international conference or another suitable event. Award is intended for a student who will use the funds for any single experience that will enhance the student’s vocal development and career. Supplementary experiences or opportunities outside the regular academic year will be given priority.

Fine Arts, Undergraduate Awards
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe the activity, experience or opportunity to enhance vocal development that you intend to participate in.
  2. Date(s)/timeframe of activity identified above:
  3. Expected cost of activity:
  4. Please submit a thorough proposal that includes a minimum 250-word essay describing your passion for your craft and why the experience will be beneficial.
  5. Please provide a financial proposal illustrating use of funds applicable to proposed activity/experience, as well as a statement indicating financial need.