Pronghorn Citizenship Award

The Pronghorn Citizenship Awards (PCA) aim to recognize and reward student athletes who embody the values of Liberal Education and the broad University experience while maintaining a commitment to their academic pursuits and athletic endeavours.

Undergraduate or Graduate continuing students who are Pronghorn athletes on a varsity team in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 3.0 earned in the semester preceding the application deadline are eligible to apply. Must meet U Sport regulations. Applicants will demonstrate commitment to engaging in a breadth of campus-based activities outside their academic and athletic endeavours (e.g. attending on-campus arts and cultural events, attending presentations and workshops, attending Pronghorn games as a spectator, supporting Operation Red Nose, etc.) and to volunteer service or an entrepreneurial/work experience on campus or within the local community.

Applicants are required to submit:

  • Online application including a summary of all courses and campus activities attended outside core academic discipline.
  • A one-page (maximum 500 words) letter essay stating their understanding of the value of liberal education and articulating how the values of liberal education have impacted their learning over the current academic year.
  • Reference contact information from one of: a coach, a faculty member, or a representative from the organization where they volunteer or work.

Recipients are selected by committee. Payment of the award will occur immediately following the granting/selection of the award (announced at Blue and Gold Athletics Banquet). Graduating students do not need to be registered in the fall semester.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Pronghorn Athletics
    • Are you a Pronghorn student athlete on a varsity team (must be a U Sport participating team)?
    • If yes, please indicate which team:
  2. Please upload your curriculum vitae (CV). Be sure that it details all courses and campus activities attended outside of your core academic discipline, as well as your volunteer experience and community involvement.
  3. In a one page essay (maximum 500 words), please outline your understanding of the value liberal education and articulate how the principals of liberal education have impacted your learning over the current academic year.
  4. Please provide the name and email address of a coach, faculty member, or a representative from the organization where you volunteer or work. Your reference will be sent an email invitation with a link to complete a questionnaire. Be aware that they will not see the deadline, name or details of this award/scholarship in the email invitation. You must provide them with this information separately when you request them to be your reference. Check the reference tab on your application before the deadline to ensure your referee has submitted their reference on time. Reference questionnaires completed after the award application deadline will not be considered. Please contact Scholarships and Student Finance if you have questions: or (403)329-2585.
  5. I hereby authorize Scholarships and Student Finance to distribute all information and documentation pertaining to this application to members of the selection committee.