GSA Graduate Student Teaching Award

Full or part-time U of L Graduate students currently enrolled and not serving in a payed position in the ULGSA. Demonstrated service to the University and Graduate student community. Payable immediately after selections have been finalized. Applications are required by April 1st and available at the Graduate Students’ Association. An essay and confirmation of volunteer/community service is required. Selection will be by committee comprised of a minimum of one external member (not serving on ULGSA), a GSA representative, and a School of Graduate Studies representative.
This award was established by the GSA to recognize outstanding service by graduate teaching assistants at the University of Lethbridge. Graduate students are nominated by undergraduate students and are assessed on the effectiveness of their Graduate Assistantship teaching roles, and their support of undergraduate students in that role. This award can only be received once per degree level.
The nomination form is located on the Graduate Student Association’s website.

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