Chinook Summer Research Award

Students continuing in an undergraduate program who are enrolled in a summer research program. Must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.30 at the time of application. Payments to be made in monthly installments May-August.

Selection will be made on the basis of academic record, project description and letters of recommendation in relation to summer research program.

University of Lethbridge
Undergraduate Awards
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you applied for any of the following awards: Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship or NSERC URSA?
  2. Student Letter: Please upload a detailed letter indicating the specific learning objectives associated with the academic program and your qualifications (e.g. education, experience, leadership roles, etc.) for this research award. This letter should also list your previous awards and scholarships. Please include an explanation for any course withdrawals and/or lower transfer credits and/or semesters of study with less than 5 courses.
  3. Supervisor Letter: Please upload a letter from your supervisor as follows. The proposed supervising faculty member must provide a one-page abstract of the research program, indicate the work to be designated to the student during the tenure of the award, the work schedule, and indicate that adequate supervision will be provided. In this letter, the faculty member should confirm additional financial support and the source of funds being provided to the student.
  4. Official Transcript(s): Please upload up-to-date official transcript(s) of your entire academic record (including transfer credit). Official transcripts for the University of Lethbridge can be requested through the online BRIDGE system and sent to your address and then scanned. Transcripts from other institutions should be uploaded as well (please combine all transcripts into one single document and upload as one file).
  5. Letter of Recommendation: Please provide an email address of a faculty member who will use the awards platform to provide a letter of recommendation. This may be the supervising faculty, other U of L faculty, or a faculty member from another post-secondary institution that is known to you. If this letter is being provided by the supervising faculty member, you must include a separate letter from that individual. The letter of recommendation must clearly outline the member's assessment of your academic record, extracurricular participation, leadership skills and community involvement where applicable.
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