School of Graduate Studies Dean's Scholarship

Admission to a full time MA, MSc, PhD program (Students in the Math & Computer Science and Neuroscience Departments are not considered for this award but rather the U of L Graduate Research Award). Minimum admission GPA 3.7. Renewable for one additional year for Masters or three additional years for Doctoral students. Academic achievement. Program-relevant assessment of candidate’s demonstrated aptitude, research skill, material and/or performance-related productions and activities may also be considered. In the event a student is awarded other awards, scholarships, or fellowships valued at or over $10,000, the Dean’s Scholarship will convert to a $3,000 top-up to the additional award(s). Students cannot hold this award concurrently as ULGRA funding. Renewal is contingent upon maintaining satisfactory progress & standing in the graduate program.

up to $10,000 per year
Graduate Awards