Management Student Leaders Scholarship

New high school applicants admitted to a Bachelor of Management program who served on their high-school student councils (or equivalent). Exceptional leadership skills demonstrated through high-school student council involvement and outstanding academic achievement (minimum 85% admission average). A reference is required. Payable upon confirmation of full-time enrolment in classes at the University of Lethbridge in the Fall and Spring semesters immediately following the granting of the award.

Undergraduate Awards
Supplemental Questions
  1. Briefly outline your involvement with your student council (or equivalent). Include the title of the position(s) you held, how long you were in that position, and the duties it entailed.
  2. Please give us detailed examples of how you used your leadership skills while serving on student council (or equivalent).
  3. Please provide the name and email address of a person (not a relative) who can serve as a reference for this award. They will be sent an email invitation with a link to complete a questionnaire. Be aware that they will not see the deadline, name or details of the award/scholarship in the email invitation. You must provide them with this information separately when you request them to be your reference. Check the reference tab on your application before the deadline to ensure your referee has submitted their reference on time. Reference questionnaires completed after the award application deadline will not be considered. Please contact Scholarship and Student Finance if you have questions: or (403)329-2585.