Brawn Family Foundation Semester at Sea Scholarship

Eligible participants must be a second year undergraduate students and must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. To take part in the Semester at Sea program, applicants must have successfully completed 10 courses with a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Requirements to be considered for the Scholarship
- Meet with academic advisor to discuss feasibility of going to Semester at Sea in regards to successful completion of academic program and pick up VSA (Visiting Student Authorization) form.
- Download Disciplinary Clearance form from Semester at Sea website, fills it out (include Student id number) and brings it to Education Abroad office
- Pick up Disciplinary Clearance form upon completion
- Apply to Fall Semester at Sea online at:
- Follow up with Semester at Sea to ensure application is complete
- Receive confirmation of admission from Semester at Sea
- Submit scholarship application essays described below to International Centre (SU060) by March 31st
- Scholarship notification by April 30th
- Money disbursed by June 1st
- Bring second copy of Disciplinary Clearance form to Education Abroad office to ensure status has not changed – by Aug 10th
- Fill out and submit Visiting Student Authorization form to UofL academic advisor – by Aug 15th
- Upload updated transcripts to Semester at Sea upon request
- Application for the Brawn Family Foundation Semester at Sea Scholarship: write the following three essay questions (also required as part of your Semester at Sea application) and submitting them in person or by email to the University of Lethbridge International Office.

a. How will your Semester at Sea voyage create (or enhance) your personal global perspective? Highlight your discussion by referencing at least one country on your itinerary and by explaining how your time there will further develop your awareness.
b. What are your academic goals, and how will Semester at Sea help you to achieve them? Include at least two examples.
c. One 300-500 word personal statement that outlines: What activities you will undertake upon your return to the University of Lethbridge to promote the program and/or understanding or international/cultural issues amongst the student body and the Lethbridge community?

Each scholarship is worth $30,000.00 (CAN)
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