Alberta's Domestic (Profiling) Graduate Students Award

Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Resident of Alberta. Continuing in a full-time thesis based graduate program. Preference given to 2nd year Masters students and 3rd or 4th year Ph.D. students. Must be presenting (oral/poster) at a national or international conference. Must be presenting their research at important or major national and/or international conference. Individuals may be awarded this award once per program. Applicants must apply for funding and receive notification of their award prior to attending the conference and prior to submitting conference expenses.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Graduate Conference Travel Award
    • 1. What is the name of the Conference you are attending?
    • 2. Where is the Conference being held (City, Country)?
    • 3. When is the conference?
    • 4. What type of conference is it that you wish to attend?
    • 5. What is the purpose and objectives of presenting at this conference? How does this opportunity contribute to your program of study?
    • 6.Have you received this award previously while in the program you are presently registered?
    • 7.Please provide proof that you will be presenting at the conference (poster or oral presentation).