In memory of Doug Thompson

In memory of Doug Thompson

This award was set up by Constance Sheriff and Dr. John Sheriff and honours the memory of Doug Thompson, Constance’s father, who dedicated his life to teaching.

George Douglas Thompson spent 33 years teaching history at the only high school in Wallaceburg, Ont as a seventhlevel teacher, then the highest provincial ranking for teachers in Ontario.

“Teaching was such a focal point of my dad’s life. In light of the financial struggles he faced to get through university, naming the award after him, to recognize his life, was such a natural fit,” says Constance.


While John and Constance hope the award will help students along in their educational journeys, John explains that they’re also playing a part in a much greater legacy.

“The nice thing is, that at least to some degree, by having a bursary set up in Doug’s memory, he is still impacting students’ lives. Yes, it’s in a different manner, but there will continue to be a positive influence on people’s lives through education.”