In honour of Narcisse (Tatsikiistamik “Middle Bull”) Blood

In honour of Narcisse (Tatsikiistamik “Middle Bull”) Blood

A highly respected member of the Blackfoot community and the Elder to the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Chapter of the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association, prominent Blackfoot filmmaker and former sessional instructor, Narcisse (Tatsikiistamik “Middle Bull”) Blood was highly respected throughout the University community also. He was a true teacher, showing compassion, curiosity and creativity. He taught at Red Crow College and the U of L, and lectured at universities across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Blood worked closely with the U of L Faculty of Education to develop courses that led to a better understanding of Blackfoot culture. His contributions to the University have been described as significant and enduring.


This award was created by Dr. Robert (Otahko Ponokaomitaa “Yellow Horse”) Janes and Mrs. Priscilla Janes and the University of Lethbridge to preserve the Blackfoot cultural legacies of four influential men while furthering educational opportunities for Blackfoot students.

The four awards, for both graduate and undergraduate level students from the Blackfoot Confederacy, are named in honour and in memory of Narcisse (Tatsikiistamik “Middle Bull”) Blood, Gerald (Sikapiistamix “Grey Bull”) Conaty, Allan (Mi’kskimmiisoka’simii “Iron Shirt”) Pard, and Frank (Miiksskim “Iron”) Weasel Head.