In honour of Frank Miiksskim “Iron” Weasel Head

In honour of Frank Miiksskim “Iron” Weasel Head

Frank (Miiksskim “Iron”) Weasel Head was a founding member of the Mokakin Foundation and was instrumental in assisting the Blood Tribe in the successful repatriation of numerous religious and cultural artifacts from museums throughout North America. He devoted his life to the Tribe in the relentless pursuit of preserving the Tribe’s culture, traditions & customs. In addition to his life as a rancher, Miiksskim participated in timed-rodeo events, following in the footsteps of his father, Mokakin, a saddlebronc rider. Frank had extensive knowledge of oral history and contributed towards the on-going negotiations of several land claims. Up to the time of his passing he was working with the Blood Tribe’s Traditional Land Use Department and was with the Red Crow Community College’s Elder’s Advisory Group. Ni’tsitapi stories can be heard at the Glenbow Museum, where Miiksskim sat on the Elder’s Advisory Committee for the permanent installation of the Ni’tsitapi display.


This award was created by Dr. Robert (Otahko Ponokaomitaa “Yellow Horse”) Janes and Mrs. Priscilla Janes and the University of Lethbridge to preserve the Blackfoot cultural legacies of four influential men while furthering educational opportunities for Blackfoot students.

The four awards, for both graduate and undergraduate level students from the Blackfoot Confederacy, are named in honour and in memory of Narcisse (Tatsikiistamik “Middle Bull”) Blood, Gerald (Sikapiistamix “Grey Bull”) Conaty, Allan (Mi’kskimmiisoka’simii “Iron Shirt”) Pard, and Frank (Miiksskim “Iron”) Weasel Head.